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Our Tibet Story

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“In our struggle for freedom, truth is the only weapon we possess.”

To understand Tibet, people must hear directly from the Tibetans: from those in Tibet and in exile.

Australia has a small yet strong community of over 1000 Tibetans, many of whom are former political prisoners and have experienced life under China’s rule. Through their personal stories, Our Tibet Story counters China’s propaganda and celebrates the human spirit of courage and hope.

For six decades, the Tibetans have committed to non-violent resistance in their freedom struggle. However today violence grabs the headlines and moves leaders to action. A better world is possible by embracing the positive stories of non-violent resistance.

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Our Tibet Story enables Tibetans to share the Tibet story in their own words.

In this project, four Tibetans in Australia share their personal stories of loss and survial, their stories of hope and courage. They are Lobsang Lungtok, a former political prisoner from Tibet and a leader of the Tibetan community in Australia; Tenzin Deky, a youth leader and daugther of former political prisoners; Lobsang Jinpa, a former political prisoner from Tibet and a monk activist; and Tenzing Yeshi, a musician born in India and an activist in his local community in Australia.

Here are video stories of the four Tibetans. To read their full stories and take part in the project, visit Our Tibet Story website. 

Lobsang Lungtok, a community leader

Tenzin Deky, a youth leader

Lobsang Jinpa, a monk activist

Tenzing Yeshi, a musician 

“As Tibetans, we know there are many people telling you their version of our story: the Chinese government, for whom inconvenient truths must be erased and histories rewritten. Lobbyists who have never set foot in our country. Journalists who can only travel to Tibet as part of the Chinese government controlled tours. State-funded academics tasked with spreading the official narrative. To understand Tibet, you must hear directly from the Tibetans.

“Our storytelling project follows our Tibet Advocacy Day in Canberra in March, when Australia’s Tibetan community members shared their personal stories with politicians and called for stronger political action on Tibet. We want to build on this success and take these stories to the broader community in Australia and worldwide.”

- Kyinzom Dhongdue, Tibetan campaigner at Australia Tibet Council