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Election 2013 - Vote for Tibet


In the lead up to the election in September 2013, Australia Tibet Council raised the Tibet issue among the key political candidates and parties.

Our report Election 2013 and Tibet tracked the major parties’ engagement on the Tibet issue over the last three years. Through our questionnaire, we asked the parties where they stand on Tibet and what they would do to support a lasting solution. Similarly our supporters sent their local candidates a list of questions on the Tibet issue. Based on the responses, we released our scorecard on the parties just days before the polling day.

Thank you for taking part in our election campaign.

We are now working on our post-election work of building political support for Tibet in the new parliament, starting with taking the voices of our supporters and the Tibetans in Australia directy to their elected representatives in the first 100 days of the new government.

Stay tuned for more updates.

kevin ruddQ1. What do you see as Australia’s role in assisting the Tibetan people to fulfil these aspirations?

The Rudd Labor Government remains deeply concerned by the situation in the Tibetan regions and continues to urge Chinese authorities to:

  • Acknowledge and address the underlying causes of tension in Tibetan regions
  • Protect the rights of all Chinese citizens to criticise the government, including by addressing their grievances in an open and transparent manner.
  • Lift restrictions on access to Tibetan regions, including for international media and diplomats.

Labor logoAustralia Tibet Council has raised the Tibet issue among the political parties and candidates in the run up to the election on 7 September.

We have sent our questionnaire to the parties and tracked their engagement on the Tibet issue over the last three years in our report - Election 2013 & Tibet. Our supporters have contacted their local candidates asking what they will do for Tibet if elected.

This is our scorecard on the political parties. It doesnot endorse any political party or candidate.

ATC supporters have emailed their local candidates, asking what they will do for Tibet if elected. These are the responses from candidates from Labor, Coalition and Greens.

1. What do you see as Australia’s role in assisting the Tibetan people to fulfil these aspirations?  

Australia has an important role in multi-lateral and bi-lateral dialogue with China in raising human rights in Tibet and by supporting the Tibetan people in Australia in their advocacy to end the cycle of repression.

The Greens has adopted a resolution on Tibet in 2011: That the Australian Greens recognise the rights of the Tibetan peoples over their traditional homelands and their rights to self determination including cultural and spiritual expression. We recognise their elected representatives. Further we condemn the plundering of Tibet's natural resources and destruction of Tibetan cultures by theChinese Government. This Conference calls on the government of China to end the repression in Tibet and heed the call of the Tibetans for restoration of their rights and freedom.