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Action: Release Shokjang

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Wednesday, 06 April 2016

Name: Druklo (Pen name - Shokjang)Shokjang
Age: 31
Summary: Tibetan writer and blogger sentenced to three years in prison on 17 February 2016 after being ‘disappeared’ for almost a year. Details of the charges against him are not known. Days after his detention, from his prison cell he wrote a powerful letter to the provincial court, challenging his prison term. But he has no access to lawyers and faces risk of torture.
Sentence: 3 years
Prison: Unknown

Sign the petition calling on the Chinese authorities to release Shokhang immediately.

Where Is The Panchen Lama?

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Friday, 02 August 2013

Panchen Lama 20 years missing 2015 webGedhun Choekyi Nyima was just six years old in 1995 when he was recognised by his Holiness the Dalai Lama as the 11th Panchen Lama, one of Tibet's most important religious leaders. Days later he and his family were taken into custody by Chinese authorities and have not been seen since.

The Panchen Lama has been called the world’s youngest political prisoner. 

The two key dates are 25 April, His Holiness the Panchen Lama’s birthday, and 17 May, the date that he was abducted.

Take Action NOW: Sign the petition to Sun Chunlan, Minister of the United Front Work Department, China's official spokesperson for Tibetan affairs