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'Australia's Silence on Tibet' delivered to MPs

Monday, 04 December 2017

Our report Australia’s Silence on Tibet: How China is shaping our agenda was launched at Parliament House in Canberra in September. We met with around 15 MPs from all parties on that day.

Since then, over 50 ATC supporters located in 36 electorates across Australia have joined our initiative to connect with their local MPs and discuss how China's growing influence is not only a threat to the Tibet movement, but also to our democracy.

Report cover web16 MPs have met with our supporters and the local Tibetan communities. Some were represented by their advisers.

Clare O'Neill from Hotham, Vic; Bill Shorten from Maribyrnong, Vic; Kelly O'Dwyer from Higgins, Vic; Mark Dreyfus from Isaacs, Vic; Julian Hill from Bruce, Vic; Catherine King from Ballarat, Vic; Adam Bandt from Melbourne, Vic; Matt Thistlethwaite from Kingsford Smith, NSW; Susan Templeman from Macquarie, NSW; Jason Falinski from Mackellar, NSW; Luke Hartsuyker from Cowper, NSW; Nicolle Flint from Boothby, SA; Kate Ellis from Adelaide, MP; Trevor Evans from Brisbane, Qld; Ted O'Brien from Fairfax, Qld and Ken Wyatt from Hasluck, WA.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us in delivering our report to the Members of Parliament. Our special thanks go to the local Tibetan communities in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for being a vital part of our campaign. The Tibetans, many of whom are former political prisoners and their families from Tibet, brought a powerful dimension to our campaign as they shared their personal stories of living under China's rule and using their new-found freedom in Australia to advocate on behalf of Tibetans inside Tibet.

Read a blog post by Rudrani Tooth, a supporter in Queensland, on why she decided to meet her local MP and speak up for Tibet.

Our work to counter China’s influence in Australia is far from over. And we're already making progress on this critical issue.

With the launch of our report in Canberra, we managed to put Tibet into the national debate on foreign interference in Australia’s political and educational systems.

It has emerged over the past few days that key Chinese donor to Australian politics Huang Xiangmo, featured prominently in our report and mainstream media, has resigned as the chair of the Australian Council for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification of China. Xiangmo and the council have been at the centre of the controversy over foreign donations to Australian political and educational institutions because of their close ties to the Chinese government and position on Tibet, among other things.

China’s growing influence is a threat not only to the Tibet movement but also to our democracy. The recent censorship of Clive Hamilton’s book Silent Invasion, which exposes the scale of Chinese operations in Australia, shows how an authoritarian government like China manages to exercise its power in this country, and indeed all over the world.

Our voices matter. Together we can stop China from silencing our politicians and amplify the Tibetans’ call for freedom.

Join us in our work to counter China’s growing interference in Australian politics and education.

Here are the pictures from some of the meetings with the MPs. Click to enlarge.