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The Dalai Lama: A giant of our times

Friday, 08 May 2015

HHDL3The Dalai Lama’s profound yet simple teachings hold hope not only for Tibet but for the world at large.

“His Holiness and Tibet offer the inspiration that all humanity needs. No one person has offered a more cohesive, optimistic yet practical vision for the future than the Dalai Lama.” – Bob Brown, former leader of the Australian Greens

In a world driven by self-interests, imperiled by environmental destruction and fraught with conflict, the Dalai Lama offers a practical wisdom that transcends religious, ethnic and ideological boundaries. His message of compassion, responsibility, contentment and understanding is a message for the twenty-first century.

For thirty years the Dalai Lama has spoken up for environmental protection and warned of the dangers of climate change. He has worked tireless to promote understanding and commonality between all faiths and peoples, and even proposes turning Tibet, which for centuries stood as a peaceful buffer between India and China, into a fully demilitarized “zone of peace”. He has worked with scientists to bring the insights of Tibetan Buddhism to bear on the great debates and challenges of our times, and brought happiness and solace to millions around the world.

The Dalai Lama epitomizes the wisdom of Tibet’s Buddhist culture. Yet Tibet itself is under grave threat. Many Tibetans are denied the right to practice their religion and preserve their heritage. Tibet’s nomads, who have lived sustainably atop the Tibetan Plateau for millennia, are being forced from their homelands. Meanwhile, China’s colonization of Tibet has wrought untold environmental damage, shattering Tibet’s traditional rural economy and posing dire threats to downstream countries.

Never wavering from their commitment to nonviolence, the Dalai Lama and Tibet have both set an example to the world and enabled the Tibetan spirit to survive all adversity.

Whether it is environmental protection, peace and security in Asia, our understanding of the mind and emotions, or the power of truth and nonviolence, The Dalai Lama and Tibet continue to offer so much to the world. They need our support. Will you stand with the Dalai Lama and Tibet?

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