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Tibet, Climate Change & Our Common Future

Friday, 22 April 2016

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“We believe that living and non-living beings of this earth are interdependent on each other and that we must live in harmony with nature. China’s development and environment policies in Tibet are in conflict with our traditional Tibetan values.”

These are the words of Tibetan activist and former political prisoner Tsering Dorje during our panel discussion - Tibet, Climate Change and Our Common Future - at the Festival of Tibet in Brisbane this past weekend.

​Joining Tsering Dorje for this timely discussion was Michael Buckley, author of Meltdown in Tibet and an expert on environment and development challenges in Tibet and their implications for the wider world; and Kirsten Lovejoy, the Greens candidate for Brisbane in the upcoming federal election, who shared her experience working on environmental and social justice issues in Australia.

The panel was moderated by our board member and climate change specialist Simon Bradshaw.​

Tibetans in Tibet are seeing their world change before their eyes: their pastures drying up and the snow melting. The nomads who have contributed the least to climate change and have lived sustainably on the grasslands for thousands of years are forcibly removed. Climate change and China’s reckless development plans, including major dams on Tibet’s rivers, are threatening the water supply of millions of people in Asia.

Our campaign on the Tibetan environment will highlight the global importance of Tibet. We will ensure that Tibetan voices are heard as the international community grapples with the effects of climate change. Earlier this year, our Tibet Advocacy Day team met with our political leaders in Canberra to help them recognise the global impact of Tibet's environment. Building on this success, we are continuing to engage the broader Australian community on why Tibet matters to all of us.

Please make a donation today to fund the next phase of our campaign.

Here’s how your donation will be spent:

  1. Making compelling online materials, videos and infographics to ensure greater awareness of the issue
  2. Designing and producing t-shirts related to Tibetan environment to build support for our campaign
  3. Developing new allies in the mainstream environment movement and communities affected by China’s development plans on Tibet’s rivers
  4. Strengthening our lobby initiatives to build greater political recognition of Tibet as a pressing global issue
  5. Enabling more Tibetan to become effective advocates and have a greater say on the changes taking place in Tibet

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