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Monday, 19 May 2014

We work closely with the Australian All-Party Parliamentary Group for Tibet in Canberra, a cross-party group of members from both houses of the Parliament, to build stronger political support for the Tibetan struggle.

Group members highlight the Tibetan human rights situation in Parliament through motions, statements, senate estimates and questions to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, raise the issue with the foreign minister, participate in meetings with visiting Tibetan leaders including the Dalai Lama in the Parliament, take part in parliamentary delegations to Dharamsala and speak at rallies and public forums across the country.

The group has currently 39 members from all parties.


Warren Entsch MP (Chair)
Ken Wyatt MP (Co-chair)
Alex Hawke MP
Jane Prentice MP
Wyatt Roy MP
Senator Dean Smith
Senator Simon Birmingham
Ken O'Dowd MP
Ann Sudmalis MP
Senator David Bushby
Louise Markus MP
Senator Richard Colbeck
Senator George Brandis
Andrew Laming MP
Jason Wood MP
Scott Buchholz MP
Mal Brough MP
Michael Danby MP
Melissa Parke MP
Kelvin Thomson MP
Senator Lisa Singh
Senator Doug Cameron
Senator Claire Moore
Laurie Ferguson MP
Alan Griffin MP
Bill Shorten MP
Stephen Jones MP
Lisa Chesters MP
Chris Bowen MP

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young
Senator Christine Milne
Senator Larissa Waters
Senator Lee Rhiannon
Senator Scott Ludlam
Senator Rachel Siewert
Adam Bandt MP

Senator Nick Xenophon
Cathy McGowan MP
Andrew Wilkie MP




Read the statements on Tibet in the Australian Parliament

Warren Enstch MP - 26 March 2015
On Monday this week the Australian All-Party Parliamentary Group for Tibet held an event in the parliament for Tibet Advocacy Day. The AAPGT is a bipartisan group whose purpose is to amplify Tibet's voice in parliament through events such as Tibet Advocacy Day. This year's event had a special focus on political prisoners and the human rights situation in Tibet. 

Senator Christine Milne - 16 March 2015
I support the suspension of standing orders to have a debate on this because if not us then who? If not now then when? I hear all this about there being appropriate processes

Melissa Parke MP - 16 June 2014
In September 2009 I spoke in parliament advocating for the release of Tibetan political prisoner Dhondup Wangchen after meeting his distraught wife in Dharamsala, India, in July of that year. Last week, after serving six years in prison, Wangchen—the self-taught cameraman and video activist—was released from prison in Qinghai's provincial capital Xining.

Senator Scott Ludlam - 18 November 2014
Senator Scott Ludlam (Greens): I move: That the Senate take note of the document.
I rise to thank the members and the secretariat of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights for their valuable contribution to the debate over the government's proposal for mandatory data retention for the entire Australian population.

Senator Lee Rhiannon - 27 February 2014
Has our ambassador to China spoken to Chinese officials about the trend of self-immolation amongst some Tibetans?
Mr Varghese : The issue of human rights in Tibet is the subject of conversations with China at several levels. It has indeed been raised by our ambassador in Beijing. Our ambassador in Beijing visited Tibet, and most recently it was one of the topics that was included in the Australia-China human rights dialogue, which was held in Beijing.

Senator Lisa Singh - 10 December 2013
It was in 1950 that the UN General Assembly declared 10 December as Human Rights Day. This day—today—was established to bring into focus the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the standard we should work towards achieving for all people of the world. Today we acknowledge and celebrate the people who work tirelessly to achieve a global standard in human rights. 

Senator Lisa Singh - 26 June 2013
That the Senate— (a) notes That the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Working Group of the United Nations Human Rights Council will review the implementation of recommendations which emerged from the first UPR cycle of 14 states, as well as human rights developments since the first review of these states, in its seventeenth session commencing in October 2013

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young - 16 June 2013
That the Senate notes: the current visit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Australia, and the visit of the Speaker of the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile, Mr Penpa Tsering, to Australia's Parliament House.

Mr Rob Oakeshott, Independent MP - 14 May 2013 
What is the Government doing to further assist Tibetan people in seeking independence.

Warren Enstch MP - 18 March 2013
I rise today to add my voice in support of those who seek a peaceful resolution in the crisis in Tibet. It is very distressing to hear that the human rights situation is driving a number of Tibetans to self-immolate. On 25 February, Tsesung Kyab, a farmer, and Sangdag, a monk, became the 106th and 107th Tibetans to set themselves on fire in protest against China's occupation of Tibet. A large majority of the self-immolations have taken place over the past six months, during the time of the leadership transition in China. Tibetans are desperate to send a strong message to China's new leaders.

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young - 20 March 2013
I move: That the Senate notes the Australian Government's efforts to urge Chinese authorities to: (a) address the underlying causes of tension in Tibetan regions; (b) end the use of harsh policies, such as increased surveillance and violent crack downs, which have only exacerbated the security situation in Tibetan areas;...

Senator Larissa Waters - 31 October 2012
"Over the parliamentary winter break, I was enormously privileged to visit the town of Dharamsala, high in the Himalayas in India, home away from home for exiled Tibetans, with my colleague Senator Singh as part of an Australia Tibet Council delegation. The experience is one I shall never forget. The fortitude and happiness of these oppressed people who have suffered under Chinese occupation for five decades now was inspirational and yet heartbreaking all at once."  

Senator Lisa Singh - 22 August 2012
“In the parliamentary break in July I had the extraordinary opportunity to travel to Dharamsala, the exile capital of Tibet, with my colleague Senator Waters..... Each person I met in Dharamsala is imbued with a powerful conviction that democracy will outlast authoritarianism and Tibetan culture will once again thrive in the open air of their homeland.”

Harry Jenkins MP – 28 June 2012
“I hope that the new leadership [Chinese leadership] does re-enter into dialogue with people like the Kalon Tripa or the representative of the Central Tibetan Administration.” 

Alan Griffin MP on Tibet – 28 June 2012
In my view there can be almost no more serious personal and individual act of defiance than this act of personal destruction [self-immolation].

Michael Danby MP – 26 June 2012
“The resilience of the people of Tibet and their endeavour to continue the good fight to bring freedom to their land are very clear.” 

Janelle Saffin MP - 22 March 2012
“Another issue of importance in my electorate is that a significant number of local people have asked me to meet the Tibetan delegation who visited parliament this week.”

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young – 19 March 2012
Will the minister commit to meeting His Holiness the Dalai Lama when the opportunity next arises?

Melissa Parke MP - 19 March 2012
“I acknowledge the presence of 12 Tibetan representatives from across Australia in parliament today. They are here seeking strong cross-party support for the Tibet issue.”