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Golog Jigme's visit to Australia 2016

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Last week, we hosted a visit to Australia by Tibetan former political prisoner Golog Jigme as part of our campaign to amplify Tibetan voices and counter China’s propaganda on Tibet. This visit on the back of growing Chinese influence in Australia could not have been more timely.

Thank you to everyone who have helped us in making this visit possible.

Personal testimonies by former political prisoners like Golog Jigme are a direct challenge to China’s propaganda on Tibet.

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In the lead up to the Beijing Olympics in 2008, Golog Jigme worked with his friend Dhondup Wangchen in the making of Leaving Fear Behind. Although both were imprisoned before completing their documentary, they managed to smuggle it out of Tibet, get it edited and screen it to journalists in Beijing days before the Olympics.

Although neither had any training in filmmaking, in their 25-minute film many in the outside world heard for the first time the uncensored voices of Tibetans inside Tibet. They made this film to draw internation attention to the situation in Tibet at a time when the world was watching China and the Olympics.

The Chinese government imprisoned Golog Jigme three times between 2008 and 2012. After breaking out from his prison in 2012, he was on the run for almost two years hiding in the mountains of Tibet. He fled into exile two years ago.

To welcome him as a free man in Australia was a powerful experience. Here was an escaped political prisoner from Tibet, who had spent many days and nights shackled to China’s notorious tiger chairs and chained to burning iron chimneys. But he had left the prison with an unbroken spirit and with no bitterness towards his persecutors.

We met a person with a quiet determination, a clear sense of purpose and an infectious smile. An impression Golog Jigme left on everyone he met over the past week - from senior officials from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to Members of Parlaiment to journalists.

Since escaping into exile two years ago, he had travelled to various national capitals from Washington to London to Brussels, advocating for freedom in Tibet and sharing his story. A story that embodied the resilience and the resistance of the Tibetan people against China’s six-decades occupation of Tibet.

Thank you for helping us share Golog Jigme’s story in Australia.

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