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ICT and ATC: a partnership for Tibet

Thursday, 17 November 2016
Gere Matteo1The Australia Tibet Council (ATC) began working with the International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) a few years ago, as we share a common vision of Tibet, where the Tibetans live in freedom and peace and where they choose their own destiny. A Tibet where the rich culture and pristine environment thrive, not only for the benefit of six million Tibetans but for all of us and our societies. 
At the recent International Tibet Support Group Conference in Brussels, our Campaigns Manager, Kyinzom Dhongdue and I met with the team from the ICT. Together we made a strategic decision to take our co-operation to the next level and build an even more robust Tibet movement in Australia and Asia. This new partnership would enable a bigger 'push back' on China’s increasing aggression and belligerence in our part of the world.
With its headquarters in Washington, offices in Brussels, Berlin and Amsterdam and with strong leadership and an effective team over almost three decades, currently CEO Matteo Mecacci and Chairman Richard Gere, ICT has made significant gains for the Tibetan cause in the US, Europe and at the United Nations. 
- With ICT's expertise in lobbying, they have enabled the passing of the Tibetan Policy Act in the US, the only country to have passed legislation that guarantees support for the Tibetan people.
HHDL Obama- With their experience in research on the situation in Tibet, ICT have become an ever increasing source of accurate and current information for the international media.
- The ICT presence at the United Nations has ensured that the Tibet issue is kept alive at the highest levels of global diplomacy.
As we step up our efforts for Tibet, we will be working closely with them, drawing on their expertise and experience.
With Australia’s democratic values, strategic location in the Asian region, and close engagement with China, we are in a strong position to champion the Tibetan cause. 
While we have built a broad base of public and political support, overall Australia’s full potential remains unmet. China continues to exert too much influence over Australian politics, academia and media, spreading lies about the Tibetan issue and raising unfounded fear of the consequences should Australia challenge its autocratic and genocidal policies in Tibet.
We have to stop this. And we have a plan - which is being further developed into our campaigns for 2017.
While Tibetans hope for a resolution soon, they are also prepared for the long haul. But one thing is certain, the Tibetan people will not give up their struggle - for as long as it takes.
At the Tibet Council, we believe that by working closely with the International Campaign for Tibet, ATC can become a stronger force for justice in Tibet, in Australia and our region. Let’s do this together, for Tibet.