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Thank you, Gabriel Lafitte

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

As an Australian researcher and environmentalist, Gabriel Lafitte has dedicated the last four decades of his life for Tibet.

Today we are deeply saddened as he faces his inevitable death from cancer. At the same time, we remain inspired by Gabriel’s boundless energy and compassion. The Last Blog? published recently on his blog Rukor is a testimony to his love for the Tibetan people and his deep knowledge of their land.

Gabriel has travelled around the world exposing China’s destructive policies on the Tibetan environment and shining a spotlight to the global importance of Tibet. Very few have spoken more powerfully than Gabriel on the rights of the Tibetan nomads and their pivotal role as the stewards of their land.

To the team at Australia Tibet Council and many of us in the global Tibet movement, Gabriel has been a mentor, a collaborator and a dear friend. From getting imprisoned for his role in the campaign against a World Bank program for a Chinese development project in Tibet to writing the groundbreaking book Spoiling Tibet to mentoring young Tibetan activists and researchers over the years, Gabriel has left a rich legacy for us all.

Thank you, Gabriel. We will miss you.

gabriel lafitte