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On Sunday, the 20th March, Australia's Tibetans will be joining Tibetans around the world in voting for the new Kalon Tripa - Prime Minister of the Tibetan government-in-exile. The landmark election is a culmination of a lengthy process of democratisation under the leadership of the Dalai Lama, who recently made the decision to hand all political leadership to the new prime minister and parliament. "Today we see the realisation of the Dalai Lama's goal of establishing a modern democratic system, a vision he has held since coming into exile over fifty years ago," said Tsering Kyinzom Dhongdue, Research and Government Relations Manager for the Australia Tibet Council. "The move to democracy is one of the most important achievements of the Tibetan exile community and a notable contrast to the continuing totalitarian rule in China." Read more

10th March: Because I am Tibetan - This will be the slogan at a Tibet rally at Martin Place in Sydney today as Tibetans mark the 52nd anniversary of National Uprising Day and the 3rd anniversary of 2008 uprising (approaching on 14th March). A second rally will also be held at the Chinese consulate, Camperdown, later in the afternoon. The Chinese government this week has banned foreigners travelling to Tibet in March. Tibet could remain closed for many months as travel agents wait for permits from the authorities. Ahead of these politically-significant dates, China introduced a new "Strike Hard" campaign in Tibet last month, with over 20 young Tibetans detained for having "banned" songs on their mobile phones. Read more

Australia Tibet Council (ATC) joins Chinese democracy advocates and human rights groups to celebrate the Nobel Peace Prize award to imprisoned Chinese intellectual and activist Liu Xiaobo on Human Rights Day. "This honour for Liu Xiaobo is an honour for all prisoners of conscience, including hundreds of Tibetans, persecuted by China for exercising freedom of speech. By awarding this prize to Liu Xiaobo, the Nobel Committee has illuminated the human rights of the people in China and Tibet and created a sense of hope," said Paul Bourke, Executive Officer of Australia Tibet Council. Read more

My Second (And First) Trip To Canberra

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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

My name is Tsering Kyinzom Dhongdue. As the new Research and Government Relations Manager for the Australia Tibet Council, I look forward to keeping Tibet supporters informed about ATC's work in the Australian Parliament. Monday was my very first day at work and I was in at the deep end with a trip to Canberra. I can't complain as it was a warm afternoon while riding to our national capital and I had Paul, our Executive Officer, and Simon, my predecessor, for company. The trip down gave us an opportunity to discuss our meeting and plans. Plus, there were a few members of the local Tibetan community waiting to welcome us over dinner. Most importantly, I was going there to meet our parliamentarians and familiarise myself with ATC's activities around political lobbying. It was particularly significant as we were meeting our key supporters in the parliament for the first time since the new minority government was elected. Read more

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