ATC Award Recipients

The Australia Tibet Council is fortunate to have deeply dedicated supporters. With the aim of recognising members who have made significant contributions over the years, ATC has created annual awards with two categories: 

The Snowlion Certificate of Appreciation

The Snowlion is an emblem of Tibet and is represented on the Tibetan flag symbolising power, strength and fearlessness.

The Damien Lovelock Award for Meritorious Service

The late Damien Lovelock, lead signer of the renowned Australian band The Celibate Rifles, was deeply dedicated to the Tibet cause and generously left a bequest to ATC in his will. The Damien Lovelock Award recognises supporters who have made an extraordinary contribution to our work.


Annie Wale:
Snowlion Certificate of Appreciation

Annie Wale Former director of ATC. Annie was a dedicated volunteer before becoming an ATC director. She coordinated volunteers and merchandise stalls on a regular basis to raise funds for ATC. Annie kept ATC and its work relevant by lobbying with politicians during Tibet Lobby Day, engaging with the public, and attending marches and protests.

Nigel Hungerford: Snowlion Certificate of Appreciation

Nigel Hungerford was a member of former ATC Victoria. Nigel has assisted Gabriel Lafitte and the then, Tibetan government-in-exile with mapping mineral deposits in Tibet to pressure and campaign against western mining companies involved in mining in Tibet. He keeps a close relationship with ATC and the local Tibetan community by attending its events and providing financial assistance. Nigel has financially supported Tibetan children in their education.

Gabriel Lafitte: Damien Lovelock Award

Former ATC Director, author and expert on environment and development challenges in Tibet. He has authored numerous reports and submissions on Tibet’s fragile environment under Chinese occupation for ATC. In 2019, he co-authored ‘An Iron Fist in a Green Glove’ to highlight the scale of China’s forced displacement of Tibetan nomads at the COP25 UN climate change conference.

Mr. Lafitte maintains a popular website highlighting the impact of Chinese policies on the Tibetan plateau. He continues to inform and inspire the work of ATC and its supporters.

Richard Boele: Damien Lovelock Award

Richard Boele founding member and former board member of ATC. Richard is generous with his expertise and willing to contribute to grassroots campaigns for many years. Richard has lent his skills to the facilitation of ATC strategic planning and assisted ATC in long term goal setting and planning campaign structures to lead to positive outcomes for Tibet.

Richard was a former board member of ATC – which is a volunteer role, giving countless hours to assist the running of ATC. Richard has also supported ATC through significant financial contributions and by assisting our fundraising efforts.

Alan Green: Special Recognition to past supporters of ATC

Though Allan has left us now (posthumously); he was the former treasurer of the ATC Queensland. branch. Allan was an active member of former ATC Queensland branch, who firmly believed in the strength of grassroots movement.

He never missed an opportunity to stand for Tibet from organising events, running information and merchandise stalls, printing and distributing flyers to being MC at events and attending protests and marches. Around 20 years ago, Allan jointly set up a health clinic in Tibet with Zatrul Rinpoche, the abbot of Rongbuk monastery and the clinic is still in operation today.


Alison Ribush:
Snowlion Certificate of Appreciation

Alison Ribush was awarded one of the Snowlion awards for her extensive volunteering in Melbourne with the ATC, as well as active involvement in the Dharamsala tour. This has included sponsoring six Tibetan students and providing substantial financial contributions to the ATC. Alison thanked the board for the award.

Ken Leonardt: Snowlion Certificate of Appreciation

Ken Leonardt was posthumously awarded the Snowlion Award for his significant contributions to the ATC, consisting of participating in several fundraisers over the years and helping with the merchandise in Sydney. Zoe Bedford shared a video which remembered Ken’s involvement.

Hal Young: The Damien Lovelock Award

Tenzin Dolmey then presented the Damien Lovelock awards to Hal Young (former chair, treasurer, and director of ATC) and Kyinzom Dhondgue.

Hal Young was appraised for his conscientious efforts over the years in publishing annual reports and working with financial management to address cash flow issues.

Kyinzom Dhondgue: The Damien Lovelock Award

Kyinzom Dhondgue was awarded the Damien Lovelock award for her active involvement in the ATC and human rights issues for Tibetans. Kyingzom spoke after receiving the award, thanking the ATC and its members for their enthusiasm to the Tibetan cause.


Ingrid Tomberg: Snowlion Certificate of Appreciation
From managing the distribution of calendars, books and gift packs to hosting envelope stuffing gatherings for mailouts, Ingrid has gone above and beyond, generously donating her time and space to help raise funds for ATC. Ingrid has dedicated countless hours to packing and posting our special merchandise offerings, allowing ATC to expand the scope of what we can practically sell. The ATC board expresses its deep gratitude for Ingrid’s support.

Alison Rowland:
Snowlion Certificate of Appreciation
Alison became a life member of ATC more than two decades ago! She has donated generously over the years and continues to support our annual appeals. As a young woman she heard on the radio about China’s invasion of Tibet in the 1950s. Alison’s commitment to the cause is as enduring and unwavering as the Tibetan spirit of hope that Tibet will be free. Her determination is inspiring and illustrates the strength of the movement for a free Tibet – that we will never give up. ATC extends a heartfelt thank you to Alison for her dedication.

Alex Butler:
Damien Lovelock Award for Meritorious Service

A former ATC Chair and life time member, Alex has continued her involvement with ATC over the decades. Alex bravely travelled to China to undertake a protest for Tibet in Beijing,  holding up a banner and calling on a visiting Australian minister to ask China to make available photographs of the Panchen Lama in 2000. Alex has also contributed her lobbying expertise and had many discussions with politicians asking them to take action on Tibet, most recently she was part of our Tibet Lobby Week in 2020 – Alex’s tenacity is exemplary. ATC is lucky to have Alex’s strategic mind and calm manner on our side campaigning for Tibet. Thank you Alex, for everything you have done for ATC

George Farley:
Damien Lovelock Award for Meritorious Service
George has been an integral part of ATC since it was founded. He has donated significant funds to support our campaigns, and continues his generous support to this day. George has served as an ATC board member, chairperson and spokesperson working diligently to grow support for Tibet in Australia for decades. The visit of the Dalai Lama to Australia in 2007 is credited to an invitation extended to His Holiness by George. The visit was an enormous success with thousands of Australians attending his talks and being moved by his message and for ATC the highlight of the event was the Monash University debate where the Dalai Lama exercised his quick wit and strategic mind making the case for the rights and freedoms of the Tibetan people. We thank George for his decades of dedication to Tibet and ATC.