Chinese Colonial Boarding Schools in Tibet

China’s Vast System of Colonial Boarding Schools Inside Tibet

A new report has uncovered the shocking number of Tibetan children currently separated from their families under the Chinese Communist Party’s assimilationist policies.

This report has been researched by Tibet support group Tibet Action Institute and they have found that an estimated 800,000 Tibetan children are in CCP-run boarding schools across Tibet. Given that the population of Tibet is estimated to be around 6.2 million people, this is a whole generation of children that are being separated from their families – and separated from their mother tongue, culture, traditions and religion.

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In May 2022, then UN High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet announced her travel to China on an official visit.

In response along with Tibet Support Groups around the world, we demanded the High Commissioner inquire about the colonial boarding schools in Tibet.

Despite poor results from her visit, the support for Tibet was very clear as almost 500 individuals signed their names demanding investigation from Australia along with hundreds from across the world.