Appeal: Tibet Will Be Free!

Every year my respect for the non-violent and peaceful struggle of the Tibetan people only grows — especially after a year like 2023 which has been marked so terribly by conflict and violence around the world.

The Chinese Government’s policy of occupation and oppression — which is attempting to tear down Tibet’s culture, religion, environment, and the universal human rights of its people — has not broken, and will not break the spirit of Tibetan people.

We are asking for your support because the world, including Australia, needs to take a stand against China’s aggressive policies and support the Tibetan people in their non-violent struggle for freedom and autonomy.

If we want a peaceful world – it will take the continued support of people like you who believe that Tibet will be fre

The conflict in Tibet means Tibetans are not able to live peaceful lives in their country. It is important to remember that this conflict is not only defined by war but is the result of China’s illegal occupation of a sovereign country.

It is doubly important that Australian parliamentarians fully acknowledge Tibet’s unresolved status as an occupied nation and condemn China for its ongoing violation of the Tibetan people’s right to self-determination. To bring China to the negotiating table, the international community, including Australia, has a responsibility to use coordinated diplomatic measures, such as Magnitsky sanctions and raising China’s human rights violations in Tibet at the UN’s Universal Periodic Review of China in 2024.

We need your support to ensure Australian parliamentarians understand and support Tibetans rights to self-determination as peoples of an illegally occupied nation.

Again, if there is a genuine desire for peace and the non-violent resolution to conflict, then Tibet’s non-violent campaigns need to be supported.

Your support allowed us to gain significant momentum in the Australian parliament in 2023.

Including meeting the Foreign Minister, Penny Wong, as well as over 50 of her parliamentary colleagues and representatives from The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

Also including presenting the testimony of Dr Gyal Lo, eyewitness to the separation of 1 million Tibetan children from their families, a brilliant Tibet Lobby Day with Tibetan Community representatives and a successful visit by Sikyong Penpa Tsering with the televised National Press Club address where he spoke of  “Resolving Sino-Tibet conflict and securing peace in the region”.

Your commitment to Tibet has helped deliver these outcomes, however, there is more to do.

Behind each of these achievements are the essential building blocks of our campaign work:

The preparation of reports and briefers which clearly communicate our positions; face-to-face meetings with politicians from all across the Australian parliament; the global cooperation and coordination of campaigns, research that helps us share the truth about the current situation inside Tibet; and the training of members of the Australian Tibetan community to be confident and effective advocates for Tibet.

Every dollar makes a difference to our work. Whether it is $50 or $400, your donation is contributing to ending the occupation and oppression in Tibet.

During a visit to Dharamsala this year I was present when a Tibetan NGO leader was asked ‘Why don’t the Tibetan people fight with weapons and violence?’. His response was  – ‘Because we want a permanent and peaceful resolution for Tibet. Campaigns won with force and violence will never be free of conflict, but a movement won via peaceful means has the possibility of lasting peace’.

Tibet’s long non-violent struggle could be a model for the world. When Tibet is one day free and the decades-long peaceful campaign is over, it will be an example of a powerful peaceful force that will change the world.

I firmly believe that if we want peace in our lives and the world we need to actively support people who are seeking peaceful resolutions to conflict wherever they are.

Please donate to the Tibet Will be Free! Appeal today!

Your donation will make a difference to our work to encourage a peaceful resolution for Tibet.