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12 June 2011 (Photographs courtesy of Rusty Stewart/DLIAL)

alt Much has been said about His Holiness "retiring" from his political responsibilities. This morning, in a meeting with Melbourne's Tibetan, Mongolian and Bhutanese communities, the Dalai Lama allayed any fears that he would be turning his back on the political process and the Tibetan struggle. "Please be assured that I have not given up. This is for the long term interest of the Tibetans and for the resilience of our movement." During his lunch break, His Holiness took the opportunity to meet with Melbourne's Chinese community. He gave a compelling talk on democracy, changes in China and his hopes for the future. Read more

Goodbye Melbourne, Hello Canberra

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Thursday, 09 June 2011

13 June 2011 (Photographs courtesy of Rusty Stewart/DLIAL)

alt It was a nervous start to the day as we turned on the breakfast news to get the latest on the flight disruptions caused by the volcanic ash plume spreading over the Pacific. The rumour last night was that we would be unable to fly to Canberra today, meaning our grand plan for His Holiness's visit to Parliament House would go up in smoke! For Australia Tibet Council, the Canberra leg is the most important part of His Holiness's visit - his chance to meet with the country's leaders and discuss the situation in Tibet. Read more

14 June 2011 (Photographs courtesy of Rusty Stewart/DLIAL)

alt What a day! After our months of preparation and scurrying the halls of Parliament House, His Holiness finally had his day in Canberra. More than anyone else, there is one group of people who made today a success - you! All of you. Thanks to your hundreds of emails and phone calls to your local politicians, a phenomenal 90 MPs and Senators joined the Dalai Lama for over an hour at his Parliamentary Reception. This followed a press conference in Parliament House, an interfaith Prayers for World Peace and a lunch meeting with members of the Australian All-Party Parliamentary Group for Tibet. Read more

Right Time, Right Place

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Thursday, 09 June 2011

15 June 2011 (Photographs courtesy of Rusty Stewart/DLIAL)

alt His Holiness is in sunny Brisbane for the Queensland leg of his Australian tour. But before I go into that, let me share a small victory for Tibet in the Parliament today. I wrote in my last blog that Senator Bob Brown moved a motion on the day His Holiness was in Canberra. And I opened my work email this morning to see a short and sweet note from Senator Brown's office, saying the Senate has passed the Tibet motion. The highlight of His Holiness' program today was a community forum. He spoke to the Queenslanders on the importance of never giving up and it somehow felt more special than other talks. Read more

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