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Be a part of the change – Ensure Australia stands on the right side of history

Two steps forward for Tibet, one step back – that is what 2024 has felt like so far.

In January, with pressure from ATC, the Australian Government made a strong submission to the United Nations’ Universal Periodic Review of human rights in China. A step forward for Tibet.

In March, I accompanied a bipartisan Australian Parliamentary Delegation to Dharamsala, where Senator Dean Smith, Senator Deborah O’Neill, Michael McCormack MP and David Smith MP were moved by His Holiness’ message of peace. Another step forward for Tibet.

Then the Chinese Premier Li Qiang visited Australia in June and, although our protest had great media coverage, the focus of the Australian Government and media was fixed on trade … and pandas. Human rights were shoved to the side with barely a mention from the Prime Minister or Foreign Minister. An unfortunate step back.

We are hearing there are plans for Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit Australia later this year.

We know what to expect – a fancy formal welcome for Xi in Canberra, and a very aggressive, red-flag waving, pro-CCP ‘rent-a-crowd’ attempting to block, harass and even assault members of Australia’s Tibetan communities and Tibet supporters standing up to voice their concerns about human rights in Tibet.

This is a crucial time, we need your support to ensure more Australian parliamentarians have the facts about life for Tibetans under Chinese occupation and are willing to stand up for Tibet.

Please know that every dollar makes a difference to our work. Whether it is $50 or $500, your donation is contributing to ending the occupation and oppression in Tibet.

We need more Australian parliamentarians to know about China’s system of state run boarding schools which is forcing one million Tibetan children, including children as young as 4 years old, to live away from their families in psychologically damaging institutions designed to systematically erode the children’s Tibetan identity and culture.

We need them to know about the Chinese government’s policies of occupation and oppression — which are attempting to tear down Tibet’s culture, religion, environment, and the universal human rights of its people.

We need Australian parliamentarians to acknowledge Tibet’s unresolved status as an occupied nation and condemn China for its ongoing violations of the Tibetan people’s right to self- determination.

And we need your help to push the Foreign Minister to use diplomatic measures, such as Magnitsky sanctions, to try to stop CCP officials from abusing Tibetans.

China is emboldened by silence. In trade talks they want human rights issues put ‘on the shelf’, i.e. off the table. China continues its human rights abuses in Tibet with impunity because there isn’t coordinated international action against them.

The US have sanctioned Chinese officials for their human rights abuses against Tibetans. Australia can and should join them. It is a crucial next step to keep China accountable.

You can make a difference to our ability to build a groundswell of public and parliamentary support to ensure that the human rights abuses in Tibet do not go unpunished.

By continuing to protest China’s occupation, Tibetans have proven that the spirit of Tibetan people is strong and will outlast the Chinese Communist Party. Your support strengthens the resolve of us at ATC and allows us to continue to work until Tibet is free.

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Not On Our Watch – Cultural Genocide in Tibet

Not On Our Watch – Cultural Genocide in Tibet

Australia cannot stand idle and risk a future Stolen Generation of Tibetan children, ATC will act to ensure this issue is front and centre for Australian parliamentarians and not ignored as China seeks to resume trade and other relations with Australia.

Protecting Tibetan Religious Identity

Protecting Tibetan Religious Identity

Calling for a commitment that Australian leaders will only recognise the future reincarnation of the Dalai Lama as chosen by Tibetans, under the principles of Tibetan Buddhism and traditional methodology.

Political Advocacy

Political Advocacy

We drive global support for the Tibet movement by lobbying Australian parliamentarians. We ensure our decision makers get accurate information and take a principled stand on Tibet.