Nominate yourself for Australia Tibet Council’s Board

Board Of Directors

Management of the business and affairs of Australia Tibet Council Ltd is vested in the directors. Among other things, the board of directors is responsible for policy decisions, setting long and short term goals, and ensuring that ATC’s influence and resources are used as effectively as possible to achieve its aims.

Directors also take on additional duties and responsibilities during their term in office. At online board meetings held every 6 weeks, and at least one face to face meeting each year, strategies are analysed and developed, ensuring fulfilment of the board’s duties and responsibilities. On this basis, each director is accountable to the board, and to the members.

The number of directors constituting the board must be not less than 3 and not more than 9, and every director must have been a financial member of ATC for not less than 6 months prior to their election. The process of nominating and electing directors occurs in the period up to and at the annual general meeting and, while current directors may re-nominate, all positions are open for election.

To ensure that the board has the right balance of skills to effectively lead the organisation into the future, Australia Tibet Council is seeking nominations from individuals with a range of qualifications, skills and experience such as fundraising, finance, media and volunteer management.

It is also desirable for the board to encompass diversity in aspects such as gender, age, background and perspective.


To nominate yourself, you must be a financial members and must submit a completed Nomination Form and a statement of no more than one page in support of their nomination.

If candidates are unable to find the required two other financial members to second their nomination, please reach out to us and we can assist with this requirement.

Nominations must be emailed to Company Secretary at by close of business on 22 May, 2024.

Thank you for your commitment to Tibet and your ongoing support of ATC.