Our prayers for Australia

Jan 9, 2020

By ATC Executive and Campaigns Officer Kyinzom Dhongdue

To those affected by the bushfires crisis, we have you in our prayers. We hope this message from His Holiness the Dalai Lama will bring you comfort at this difficult time.

Words are simply not enough to describe the loss and sadness that we in Australia are facing right now.

I acknowledge the deep pain being felt by many communities across the country. In particular, the unique pain of the First Nations people of the affected areas, the traditional custodians of this sacred, beautiful land since time immemorial.

Today, I had the honour of joining a special prayer ceremony by the local Tibetan community in Sydney. Tibetan community members came together to pray for our fellow Australians who have lost their lives and homes as well as more than one billion animals who have died in the bushfires. 

The bushfires are a stark reminder of how fragile our planet is and we as the inhabitants are, and how we must take care of the Earth and of each other.

Wherever you are, please stay safe and look out for each other.