Our Tibet Story

To understand Tibet, people must hear directly from the Tibetans: from those in Tibet and from their families in exile.

Tibet is home to a unique culture under threat, with people marginalised in their own country. Their natural resources are exploited and their rights are taken away. But China tells its own version of the Tibet story. That it has brought development to Tibet and the Tibetans are happy.

Australia has a small yet strong community of around 2000 Tibetans, many of whom are former political prisoners and have experienced life under China’s rule. Through their personal stories, Our Tibet Story counters China’s propaganda and celebrates the human spirit of courage and hope.

For six decades, the Tibetans have committed to non-violent resistance in their freedom struggle. However, today violence grabs the headlines and moves leaders to action. A better world is possible by embracing the positive stories of non-violent resistance.

Lobsang Norbu, the survivor
Tenzing Yeshi, the musician
Lobsang Jinpa, the monk activist
Tenzin Deky, the youth leader
Lobsang Lungtok, the community leader