Pema, a microphone for Tibetan voices

Oct 29, 2019

Pema Dolkar came to Australia under the government’s humanitarian program five years ago. She studied media at Sydney University and went on to become the first journalist to work at the new Tibetan service at SBS. A special program that is helping Tibetans to learn about life in Australia and at the same time maintain their rich culture and language.

Last week, Pema won the Australian Migration and Settlement Award for Journalism Excellence 2019 for her story about how newly-arrived Tibetans in Sydney’s Northern Beaches suburb of Dee Why are diving into Australian swimming culture.

Congratulations to Pema! We are so proud of her and wish her well in her exciting career.

Before joining the SBS, Pema interned with Australia Tibet Council to work on Our Tibet Story project. She is also an alumnus of our Tibet Lobby Day.

Pema on what the award means to her:

“Personally, this award is a driving force for me to tell more Tibetan stories to the wider Australian community. I have been working in this industry for over a year now, so I’m really an amateur in terms of experiences. But with this recognition, I’m determined to use the platform I have to share more unique Tibetan stories.

It was a proud and humbling moment to face the Prime Minister, the Leader of Opposition and all the distinguished guests from across Australia attending the award ceremony and to be able to show that telling Tibetan stories matter.”

While we celebrate this Tibetan success story, we also want to thank supporters like you for joining us in our work empowering Tibetans and amplifying their voices where they matter.