Tibetan environmentalist tour to Australia

Young Tibetan environmentalist Tsechu Dolma travelled to Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and the Blue Mountains this month to discuss why Tibet’s environment matters to the world.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the tour and joined us at these events.

Tsechu Dolma is a 25-year-old environmentalist. Born to Tibetan refugee parents in Nepal, Tsechu Dolma moved to the US as a young girl. On her first trip back to Nepal as a teenager, she saw the effects of climate change in the mountainous region of Mustang, bordering Tibet. She has since founded the Mountain Resiliency Project, a social enterprise building climate change resilient communities through women’s empowerment in sustainable agro-business.

A graduate from Columbia University, Tsechu was recognised as one of Forbes 30 under 30 in Social Entrepreneurship, Fulbright-Clinton Fellow, Echoing Green Fellow and Brower Youth Award winner.

Here are some highlights from the tour.

Talk at Sydney Ideas at the University of Sydney

Listen to Interview on Late Night Live, Radio National

Tsechu Dolma shares the story of her family in Tibet and discusses what China’s “development” has done to the Tibetan environment and way of life.

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