Magnitsky: Act now to advance human rights

5 May 2021

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is currently considering the recommendation for Magnitsky legislation for Australia. We need to act fast to show him that Australians want a #MagnitskyActNow.

We have heard news that the Prime Minister is currently considering the recommendation for Magnitsky legislation for Australia. It is time to act.

The Magnitsky Act gives the government the power to impose visa sanctions and/or property-related sanctions, on an individual and immediate family members who are benefiting from their crimes based on serious human rights abuses or corruption.

We need to let the Prime Minister know that we support this legislation and that he should accept the recommendation to proceed with it.

Below is a draft email for you to copy into the contact page and send to the Prime Minister through this link.


Subject: Australian Magnitsky Act – We need it now

Dear Prime Minister,

I am emailing you today about an important issue which is close to my heart.

Human rights abuse is rife around the world, particularly in China, and your government is considering the recommendation to implement a Magnitsky Act for Australia.

I strongly call on you to respond and accept the recommendation and set a timetable for the introduction of a Magnitsky Act into the Australian Parliament quickly and positively.

As you would be aware the Magnitsky Act is designed to target those individuals who are most responsible for human rights abuses.

Such legislation provides hope for Tibetans and others who have escaped human rights abuses to seek out asylum in Australia. Most still have families and friends residing in areas of the world subject to substantial human rights abuses.

In China, our families and friends face forced labour, religious repression, denial of freedom of expression, cultural genocide, pervasive surveillance, lack of freedom of movement, denial of political freedom, and other human rights abuses by the CCP.

Tibetans, Uyghurs, Hong Kongers, and others are being subjected to outrageous human rights abuses by the CCP. In Myanmar we are seeing the unfolding of human rights abuses since the recent military coup.

It is important to me, as an Australian, to ensure that Australia is able to act with our close allies, including the USA to sanction those committing gross human rights abuses in China, passing the Magnitsky Act would allow Australia to take strong action against human rights abusers. 

Australia needs to be able to act in support of Tibetans and others suffering human rights abuses  and to condemn through action those in the world who abuse human rights, by passing a Magnitsky Act now.

Yours sincerely,


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