Tibet Lobby Day 2019: Amplifying the Tibetan voice in Canberra

Thank you to everyone who has joined us in making Tibet Lobby Day 2019 a great success!

16 Tibetan community members met with close to 50 Members of Parliament to garner support for Reciprocal Access for Tibet legislation. If approved, this will become the first Australian legislation on Tibet.

Similar to legislation enacted in the United States, and put before the British Parliament, the proposed bill aims to end China’s isolation of Tibet from the outside world by calling on the Chinese government to grant Australian journalists, diplomats and tourists unrestricted access to Tibet, just as their Chinese counterparts are able to travel to Australia.

List of MPs and Senators who met with Tibetan community members:


  1. Senator Anne Urquhart
  2. Senator Louise Pratt
  3. Senator Kimberley Kitching
  4. Sharon Claydon MP
  5. Susan Templeman MP
  6. Nick Champion MP
  7. Mark Butler MP
  8. Fiona Phillips MP
  9. Kate Thwaites MP
  10. Chris Hayes MP
  11. Steve Georganas MP
  12. Mike Freelander MP
  13. Shayne Neumann MP
  14. Andrew Leigh MP
  15. Luke Gosling MP
  16. Anne Stanley MP
  17. Peter Khalil MP
  18. Meryl Swanson MP
  19. Milton Dick MP
  20. Alicia Payne MP
  21. Anne Aly MP
  22. Andrew Giles MP
  23. David Smith MP


  1. Senator James Paterson
  2. Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells
  3. Senator Susan McDonald
  4. Senator David Fawcett
  5. Rowan Ramsey MP
  6. Andrew Laming MP
  7. Phillip Thompson MP
  8. Warren Entsch MP
  9. George Christensen MP
  10. Angie Bell MP
  11. Ken O’Dowd MP
  12. Dave Sharma MP
  13. Kevin Andrews MP
  14. Julian Leeser MP


  1. Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack
  2. Senator Damian Drum
  3. Senator Perin Davey


  1. Senator Sam McMahon


  1. Senator Richard Di Natale
  2. Senator Janet Rice
  3. Senator Nick McKim


  1. Rebekha Sharkie MP
  2. Senator Rex Patrick


  1. Senator Malcolm Roberts


  1. Andrew Wilkie MP

ATC’s Executive Officer Kyinzom Dhongdue spoke to the ABC about why Australia must secure reciprocal access to Tibet.

Listen to the story on ABC RN Drive.

We thank the Australian Tibetan Community Association and the 16 Tibetan delegates for joining us for our 8th Tibet Lobby Day.

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